Dr. Tom Leighton

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Akamai

Opening & Main Keynote

Dr. Tom Leighton co-founded Akamai Technologies in 1998 and served as Akamai’s Chief Scientist until he became CEO in 2013. Under Dr. Leighton’s leadership, Akamai has evolved from its origins as a Content Delivery Network (CDN) into one of the most essential and trusted cloud delivery and cybersecurity platforms, upon which many of the world’s best brands and enterprises build and secure their digital experiences. During his initial five years as CEO, Akamai’s revenue nearly doubled, growing from less than $1.4 billion in 2012 to over $2.5 billion in 2017, and the annual revenue run rate from Akamai’s security business grew nearly 20-fold, to more than $500 million by the end of 2017.

As one of the world's preeminent authorities on algorithms for network applications and cybersecurity, Dr. Leighton discovered a solution to freeing up web congestion using applied mathematics and distributed computing. Akamai used this technology to create the world's largest distributed computing platform, which today delivers and secures tens of millions of requests per second to billions of users around the world.

Dr. Leighton holds more than 50 patents involving content delivery, Internet protocols, algorithms for networks, cryptography and digital rights management. He and Akamai’s co-founder Danny Lewin were inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame in 2017 for having “invented the methods needed to intelligently replicate and deliver content over a large network of distributed servers, technology that would ultimately solve what was becoming a frustrating problem for Internet users known as the "World Wide Wait."” In 2018, the Marconi Society selected him to receive the Marconi Prize for “his fundamental contributions to technology and the establishment of content delivery networks.”

Dr. Leighton has served on numerous government, industry and academic advisory panels. He was one of 18 CEOs invited to the White House in 2017 for the launch of the American Technology Council to develop solutions to modernize and secure the U.S. government’s IT systems. From 2003 to 2005, he served on the President's Information Technology Advisory Committee and chaired its Subcommittee on Cybersecurity. He is also a member of the National Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of Engineering, and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Dr. Leighton has been personally committed to increasing the pipeline of students pursuing STEM careers for over thirty years, first as a mathematics professor at MIT and now through his leadership at Akamai. He is a strong supporter of the Akamai Foundation, which promotes mathematics education, and he oversaw the creation of the Akamai Technical Academy, an innovative program developed in-house, aimed at training diverse non-technical professionals for technical careers. He also supports numerous charitable organizations dedicated to improving STEM education and opportunities for K-12 students, including The Center for Excellence in Education, the Society for Science and the Public (sponsor of the Intel Science Search), The Mathematical Association of America (sponsor of the Math Olympiad), the Math Competition for Girls, and Girls Who Code.

Dr. Leighton graduated summa cum laude from Princeton University in 1978 with a B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He received his Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from MIT in 1981.

Brian Sniffen

Chief Security Architect, Akamai

TLS 1.3: Internet Crypto for the next decade at 11:15

Brian Sniffen leads Akamai's System Safety & Resilience group, Akamai's core resource for technical security expertise. Brian spends most of his days figuring out how to help two thousand engineers write safe software without having four million conversations—mostly by applying the difficult techniques of reading, thinking, and writing. His research interests include programming languages and formal methods of cryptographic protocol analysis. He's also responsible for Akamai's Incident Response program. When an adversary breaks the Internet at 3am, Brian's the one we wake up to take the call. Brian joined Akamai in 2000, left in 2002 for a stint with a government cryptographic protocol research team, and returned to lead Akamai’s security architecture team in 2008.

Piotr Wydrych

Senior Lead Software Engineer, Akamai

BGP in SDN world - SDN in BGP world at 11:15

I'm leading part of the team responsible for designing and developing SDN-based future Akamai platform. I like to play with everything that brings state-of-the-art networking (especially when BGP and SDN come into play) and modern programming languages together. Prior to joining Akamai, I spent several years at AGH University of Science and Technology, working in various R&D projects.

Michal Furdyna

Software Engineer, Akamai

Small Things - Big Trouble at 11:15

Michał Furdyna is Software Engineer within Platform Infrastructure Engineering division, involved in the development of Akamai IoT products from the very beginning. Working on Big Data solutions including monitoring, alerting, data collection and processing tools since he joined the company two years ago. Being passionate about sharing knowledge and teaching, he has been involved in numerous projects related to University Relations, including co-inventing the new course program at AGH University of Science and Technology. Motorcyclist, music lover, guitar player and singer.

Martin McKeay

Editorial Director, Akamai

Rise of the Botnets at 12:15

Martin McKeay is the Editorial Director and Security Researcher at Akamai, joining the company in 2011. Martin is the Senior Editor of the State of the Internet Security Report, Akamai’s report on Security, focusing on DDoS, DNS, Bots, just to name a few of the topics. Martin has represented Akamai in Europe in the past and currently lives in Miami, Fl. With nearly 20 year’s experience in the security space and five years of direct Payment Card Industry work, Martin has provided expertise to hundreds of companies. He has spoken at events in the US, Europe, Asia and Australia, including RSA, Black Hat, Defcon and FIRST. He is a member of Europol’s European Cybercrime Center Internet Advisory Committee. He frequently writes for publications such as CSO Online and IBM’s Security Intelligence blog.

Łukasz Bromirski

CTO, Cisco Systems Poland

SDN - fifteen years in the making at 12:15

CTO at Cisco Systems Poland, networking geek. CCIE #15929/CCDE #2012::17 involved in driving new technologies adoption with customers in Poland and in Europe.

Szymon Jakubowski

Senior Technical Enablement Architect, Akamai

Why do i keep doing this manually? at 12:15

Szymon Jakubowski is a Senior Technical Enablement Architect at Akamai, leading the Enablement Strategy for Cloud Security Products. With 10+ years in IT and Security, Szymon is very passionate and dedicated, in digging deep on how different technologies work, and how to find their weaknesses. His motto is "There is a script for everything.".

Tomasz Nowicki

Technical Enablement Strategist II, Akamai

Smart House at 13:00

IT specialist and technical educator. Passionate about how information technologies impact our daily life and how can we use IT to streamline everyday boring tasks so we have more time for interesting ones. With Akamai for 4 years.

Jakub Cieśla

Software Engineer II, Akamai

Are you sure how big your Java Object is? at 13:00

Software engineer at Akamai for the last two years. Previously an intern at Facebook (Silicon Valley, London), Sabre (Krakow). Enthusiast of algorithms, data structures and compilers. Big fan of football.

Damian Garbacz

Architect, Akamai

Finding a needle in a stack of... needles at 13:00

Hi! My name is Damian and I'm an Architect at Akamai. I work in Technical Support department where my job is to make our Support Engineers' work easier, faster and more efficient. I design tools and solutions that make it possible to harness Akamai’s vast network of over 240 000 servers and allow a single person to make sense out of over 3 trillion log lines generated each day. I’ve graduated from University of Science and Technology (AGH) in Krakow and been working at Akamai for over six years now.

Miłosz Polak

Senior Software Engineer II, Akamai

Sketchy Structures instead BigData at 13:30

Software developer with over 10 years of experience, a tireless seeker of the simplest solutions. Because nothing will spoil your mood, just like the needlessly intricate source code.

Maciej Treder

Senior Software Development Engineer, Akamai

PWA - modern web applications at 13:30

Enthusiast of web technologies especially Single Page Apps, Progressive Web Apps, microservices, and Internet of Things. Author of articles about JavaScript, NodeJS, and Angular. Founder of @ng-toolkit opensource project - set of tools for expanding existing Angular applications. Certified Java Programmer (OCJA & OCJP in Java 7 SE).

Milena Aragon Wendland

Solutions Engineer, Akamai

The Future of IoT at 13:30

Solutions Engineer and member of the Akamai IoT Center of Excellence at Akamai. Working closely with customers to help them find the best performance and security solutions for their business needs. Excited at the thought of small things generating big data, machines can learn from.

Dmytro Borovyk

Senior Solutions Architect, Akamai

What you see is what you … guard at 14:00

Dmytro is Network Security Practitioner with a 12+ background in Internetworking and Networking Security Solutions. He has started his career as a IP telephony engineer with strong Avaya technologies skills and moved forward to improve knowledge in enterprise network, network security and DC networks. He experienced in development, presentation and implementation of complex networking/security projects with deep expertise. Dmytro followed his career path from Banks and Insurance Companies to System Integrators and International Corporations (IBM, Akamai Technologies). Holding industry recognizable certificates including CCIE #36830 and CEH, Dmytro now is a part of the Akamai EMEA Professional Services Team as a Senior Solutions Architect, working directly with clients of the biggest CDN in the World to deliver Akamai Cloud Security Solutions.

Adam Haertle

Editor-in-Chief, ZaufanaTrzeciaStrona

Dude, where's my OPSEC at 14:00

Until recently CSO of a large polish telecommunications company, currently editor in chief of an infosec portal, journalist, researcher, lecturer and trainer. Former ISACA Poland and CSA Poland Board member. Regular speaker at security-oriented conferences, big fan of security and privacy who does not always follow his own advice.

Will Law

Chief Media Architect, Akamai

Ultra Low Latency streaming with Adaptive Segmented Media at 14:00

Will Law is Chief Architect within the Media Engineering division at Akamai and a leading media delivery technologist. Involved with streaming media on the Internet for the last 17 years, he has a strong focus on client-side development and wrote many of the early connection frameworks. Currently focusing on MPEG DASH and HTTP streaming, technology evaluation, 4K distribution, VR delivery, CMAF, WebRTC, cloud transcoding and multi-bitrate switching. Law is President of the DASH Industry Forum, Vice-Chairman of the CTA WAVE Project, holds Masters degrees in Aerospace Engineering and an MBA and has worked previously for Adobe, Internap and a series of five engineering and media-related startups.

Łukasz Orzechowski

Senior Technical Program Manager, Akamai

Embracing entrophy for resilience at 15:15

Lukasz Orzechowski is a Senior Technical Program Manager and a member of Akamai’s Information Security team. He helps Akamai customers understand the information security standards that Akamai complies with and the security measures that Akamai implements to ensure the safety and security of customers’ data. In his free time, he thoroughly enjoys tweaking his devices and making them do things they were not designed to. He also has a soft spot for product flops and is a proud owner of Pebble, BB Playbook and Essential Phone.

Tim April

Principal Architect, Akamai

Zero Trust at 15:15

Tim is a Principal Architect in Akamai's Information Security department. For the past few years, Tim has been supporting the teams that build and deploy Akamai's physical network infrastructure, DNS services as well as the Cloud Networking and Security product development organizations. Through much of 2018 Tim has also worked with Akamai's CIO organization to assist in the testing and rollout of our Zero Trust solution for the company.

Łukasz Bobrek

Senior IT Security Specialist, Securing

Live IoT Horror Show at 15:15

Senior IT Security specialist with the deep understanding of mobile and web technologies. Mobile applications enthusiast with some experience with malware reverse engineering and former web developer. Currently working in SecuRing, where my key responsibilities are security assessments of high-risk application and systems, including consultancy on each phase of development, threat modelling, risk assessment and penetration testing for the leading companies from financial, commercial and IT sector. Certificate: GWAPT (GIAC Web Application Penetration Tester) Publications: Penetration testing of Android applications, Mobile malware vs apps Representation at conferences: CyberSeC 2017, GISec 2017, Confidence 2016, NGSec 2016, BSides Warsaw 2016 oraz Secure 2016

Jakub Nawalaniec

Penetration Tester, Niebezpiecznik.pl

How we stole 13.000.000 PLN from polish companies at 16:15

Jakub started his career as python programmer - after 5 years of developing web applications he moved towards IT security - working as security engineer for Base CRM for another 5 years. Being a part of a blue team he was dealing with a plethora of security problems - ranging from technical (webapplication security, infrastructure and cloud security), organizational, as well as physical (securing buildings and company assets). Currently he works as a penetration tester and trainer at Niebezpiecznik.pl.